7 Awesome Valentine’s Day Crafts You Must Try With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day! One of my favorite holidays! 14th February inspires me on so many levels and as an arts and crafts lover, I try to take advantage of these moments every time! Nothing says “I love you” better than a handmade gift and a few nice words!

Expressing love and affection for your family and friends is something we should teach our children since they are very young.

Emotional intelligence is learned through our whole life.

So, the sooner we teach our kids it’s perfectly OK to speak their heart, the easier it will be for them when they are adults. Controlling emotions and attitude bring more benefits in the long term than any other skill a person can have.

I try to teach my son that love and appreciation should be shown on a daily basis, not only on Valentine’s Day. And holidays are just a reminder to celebrate every moment we have together.

I have a huge thing for crafts and creating things with your own hands. I also know that the idea of someone, taking their time to create a gift for you, warms your heart and fills your soul with joy. I love making presents and I was looking for ideas the other day. As internet research is one of my weaknesses (I am an information nerd), I browse a lot.

And these are my 7 personal favorite crafts I stumbled upon online:

1. Paper Heart Flower Crafts by Easy Peasy and Fun

These awesome heart flowers will make a wonderful bouquet for a favorite granny, auntie or why not for mom?

2. Valentine’s Day Tree Craft by Housing a Forest

Some construction paper, glue, and scissors will help you plant a magical forest of trees with heart-shaped leaves!

3. Broken Heart Alphabet Hunt by Toddler Approved

Holidays are also a great time to learn something new or exercise some skills your little one acquired lately. Here’s a great idea on how to practice their literacy skills in the spirit of the holiday.

4. Valentine’s Day Hearts Necklace by Makezine

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear “14 February”? That’s right - hearts! And holiday-themed jewelry is even better! Here’s a great idea for a Valentine’s Day necklace.

5. Valentine’s Day Scribble Card by Lines Across

What’s Valentine’s Day without a handmade card? Grab this great idea for an easy and very impressive result.

6. Heart Shaped Binoculars by Happily Ever Mom

Are you in the mood for love? Find out how to make these heart-shaped binoculars so you could see everything through hearts!

7. Heart Person by East Coast Mommy Blog

Giving someone you love a handmade heart person will melt everyone's heart. Follow the easy instructions to make your own heart persons for presents.

I hope you enjoy my list! I had fun choosing every single suggestion and I am sure that whatever you decide to try with your kid, will result in wonderful presents which will melt everyone’s heart.

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day craft? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!