Ta-daaaa! And the blog is ON!

I am so excited! After so much time spent dreaming and working, working and dreaming, I managed to create a small oasis on the infinite internet network. A place, where I will help you improve yourself on a responsible task – educating children! I will provide you with ideas about different educational activities that help your kids learn and have fun at the same time! It doesn't matter if you are homeschooling, entertaining, preparing for public school or you are a babysitter. I will do my best to provide you with great ideas for spending quality time with the youngest in our life, teaching them and having fun at the same time. It is possible!

I am so happy to announce that...

The Blog is on the Go!

My name is Yanitsa and I am the owner of www.tailswithstyle.com website. I started working on this project at the end of my first pregnancy. My goals are to develop this project in a way to help other parents-to-be or people who already had the joy to give life to a small human, not to be afraid to show their baby the world in fun, educating and unexpected ways.

On the other hand, we all know that a busy toddler/preschooler means some time for you as a person. This is one very important aspect we should not forget – we should not become one with our children. They are different people and we should differentiate between them, let them have their lives and have our own parental lives, too. I hope you find my blog helpful in this matter, too.

We learn during all of our lives!

Everyone you meet knows something you don't. - Bill Nye

This is the reason why I want to share as much valuable information as possible on my web page. I want to show more people that you can educate and spend awesome time with your little ones with no big effort and just a pinch of creativity.

I have always been interested in the different ways we can help our children develop quicker and educate them in a fun and interactive way. I’ve always found homeschooling fascinating and I feel great respect for all the people who take over this task. Now, as a mother to be, I started researching the different ways and ideas I can implement in our daily life that will help our kid to grow smarter, more creative and most importantly – happier! I have attended a public school myself but I always got attention from my parents and they've helped me become more curious and they taught me to love learning more.

I want to make my website a place where all parents, teachers, and babysitters can feel like home and access the most valuable information. I want to help you through the whole process - from planning your activities through supplying you with printable resources and fun educational videos: 

  • Gain a better understanding how to educate your children while playing with them;
  • Learn how to plan your time in the right way;
  • Useful information for different curriculums and activities;
  • Information on useful topics related to children's education;
  • And the result - you will have to share it yourself with the community!

I am here for you!
I would love to hear from you - what would you like to know, what would you like to see here and of course - what do you think about all this we've done?

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