The Amazing Learning Tower and Why Your Kid Needs One

Do you know what a Learning Tower is? I had no idea until I got a very active baby - he wants to play and be a part of everything all the time. And he also thinks naps are lame. Soon, I realized that I spend the time I should rest - cooking. I can cook only when he falls asleep after 8 pm. And I decided nothing can stand between me and relaxation!

As hiring a maid is not an option, I had to figure out a way to entertain my son while I cook or to cook with him. As to cloning myself is also not an option (yet, I will never lose hope about this possibility :D), I chose to work towards cooking with the baby.

While researching the different methods to raise a child (check out my blog post about it HERE), I also looked for different activities each of the approaches offers.

My first encounter with Learning towers was when I was reading about the Montessori education. It was an article which offered different ideas on how to implement Montessori in your whole house and the Learning tower was included in the kitchen listings.

Learning towers have great benefits for kiddos:

  •      They are suitable for kids from 10 months to 3 years - you will use it for a long time;
  •      You get a set of helping hands - bigger children can wash products, throw garbage, rinse dishes, wipe them, etc.
  •      It gives you the opportunity to actually cook while your little one watches. Giving them something to munch while we use it is a great way to add some additional vitamins in their diet;
  •      Changes your child prospective - being taller and, in our case, being able to stand by himself, helps in their brain development and is a total game-changer!
  •      Imagination boosting - you can include the tower in different role games, like an ice cream truck dealer or an opera singer;
  •      Personal example - your baby will learn more by watching what and how exactly you are doing, etc.

The Learning tower grabbed my attention immediately and I made a mental note to self to get one for my son when the time comes. Yes, you read right - a mental note! Let’s all laugh together about that. As a first time mom, I had no idea that the memory function of my brain will automatically disable itself after I give birth. And of course, I forgot about this useful item.

The other day, I was trying to entertain my 11-month-old and cook. Again. And after trying for 2 whole hours, I was ready with chopping the veggies. That was the aha-moment I needed to finally decide to find solutions.

I did what I do best - I asked the internet for suggestions. And, oh, how happy I got when the Learning tower popped as a result on my Pinterest search! After seeing it, I remembered the first time I read about the Learning tower and how I wished to make one for my son. It was clear I have a project on hand.

As we are in the middle of potty and sleep training, I find it hard to spend time at the hardware store. I needed a quick solution, with an option to order it online, the product had to be easy to assemble and I was definitely not breaking the bank for it.

After some browsing, I stumbled upon a website with instructions on how to make a Learning tower from two Ikea items: a stool and a step stool. I got excited, I ordered the items and when they got delivered, I got an unpleasant surprise - the Ikea hack I found was gone! The blog post was down. I lost my step by step instructions but not my enthusiasm about the final result.

Thankfully, my significant other loves projects like this and took over quickly. We assembled the furniture in no time and then we attached the stools together. Our tower was ready!

On the next day, we tested it with our baby. He loved it! He could stand in it by himself safely and had access to that awesome counter he is always curious about. In a day or two, we’ll try cooking together. Keep your fingers crossed, because mama wants her free time back!

Did you have a Learning tower? Do you plan to get one in the future? Let me know in the comments below!