Why February is More Than The Month of Love for Me

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. I had big plans for launching a great Valentine's day blog post including ideas about several activities and crafts to do with your kids for the holiday. And my plans crashed... Like crashed hard. But not for a bad reason. Not at all! It was actually because of one of the greatest things someone can experience in their life - I gave birth to my son.

We've all read about how happy new parents are, how you can't compare the feeling to anything you've ever experienced until this moment and all these cliches. Well, guess what - I will join the cliche club. Surprised? I guess not at all...

Let me tell you shortly how everything went...

I really wanted to be able to give birth naturally but my little one had other plans. First, my doctor warned me that my pelvis is not stretching enough and the baby may get too big. Well, his head did. His head's girth got bigger and there was a potential danger for him to get stuck while I have contractions. And on top of all this - he managed to wrap the umbilical cord around his neck not once, but twice. So I concluded that the risk is too high and my doctor and I agreed on C-section. I was due on 12 February and I decided that since I will give birth through operation, I will choose a date as close to it as possible. And we scheduled 9 February.

My son, on the other hand, had other plans.

I was able to prepare almost everything at home and on 7 February I made a great homemade dinner and a gigantic bowl of green salad. I had no idea that an hour later my contractions will start. As it was my firstborn child, I was not sure what real contractions would feel like.

I had Braxton-Hicks contractions since 6th month of my pregnancy but the feeling was different this time. But I was an optimist (of course...) and went to bed as I would every other day. The problem was I couldn't sleep. I fell asleep and woke up very often, way too often than I did during the last months of my pregnancy. When I started feeling contractions every 10 minutes, I woke up my significant other, I took a shower and we went to the hospital. An hour later, I was on the operation table for an emergency C-section. At 7:25 I saw the small, vulnerable human being that was growing inside of me for the first time.

Now grab another cliche - it was love at first sight. Iskren was born 49 cm, 2.700 kg/19.29 inches, 5.95 lbs. This was one of the most emotional moments I have experienced for my 29 years. I felt a cocktail of happiness, excitement, love, pain, and I was wondering at the same time if I should show them all to the team of doctors in the room... And I was not the only one excited. The voice of the daddy on the phone after he saw the baby (which happened a bit later after I gave birth) was trembling. I never heard him so emotional until this moment. This made me even happier...

I wanted to share with you all those feelings -

all this love and happiness!

Things like giving life to a new and innocent human being do change your life for the better. It gives you hope for the future. It makes you a better person and it inspires you.

I was inspired to create something for your kids - an alphabet coloring book. 

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I like learning and having fun while doing it. That's the reason I think that getting familiar with the alphabet while  coloring different pictures is a great way to present it to your little ones.

Let me know in the comments if you like the coloring book, I would love to get your feedback.